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Madison Insurance Group is here to answer all of your questions directly. Here are several of the questions we often receive from new and existing clients.

The best place to start is in our client portal, M-Connect. The client portal houses all documents related to your insurance policies and participation in the program.

  • Letters detailing the movement of funds from MadRE to the SAP
  • Bond Interest paid to the investor
  • Invoices
  • Installment agreements
  • Policies
  • Certificate of Insurance/ Binder
  • Claim settlement letters
  • Engagement Agreement and other operating documents
  • Resources on how the program works

The insurance-linked investment bond is a non-equity debt instrument through Madison RE. The proceeds of the bond sale are used to securitize (capitalize) the policies linked to the Segregated Asset Plan (SAP). The investor is issued 10 plan rights with the purchase of the bond, which can be exchanged for the funds within the SAP.

According to the Unified Bond Agreement, the bond purchased through Madison RE pays an annual interest rate of 4% to the bond investor. This interest is paid at the end of the policy year to the investor from SAP funds and is taxable to the investor.

The actuaries evaluate your business’s risks each year based on the current gross revenues and current “key” information like persons, customers, suppliers, etc. In order to provide proper pricing, the actuaries require new information to be submitted each year. They cannot accept details from previous years. Coverages being direct procured by the insured business must be evaluated each year.

No. The SAP is filed as a Schedule A on Madison RE’s Puerto Rico tax return.

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