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Our Mission Is Your Peace of Mind

If your business is your legacy, Madison Insurance Group is here to help!

Running your business can be an all-consuming activity, particularly when managing the uncertainties that could impact the growth and stability of your business. While a business naturally cycles with the ups and downs of everyday life, unforeseen disruptions can have a catastrophic impact on the future legacy of your business.
Your decision on how to treat business risk can be one of the most important decisions that you make; transferring certain risks to an insurance company might be the safety net for which you are looking. We value transparency and look forward to providing you with the information that you need to become comfortable in making this important insurance decision.

Do you have a claim to report?

If you have loss due to a covered loss, have you reported the claim to Madison Insurance Company, I.I.? If you have a known loss, it must be reported to Madison by the end of the policy period (11/30/2023) or within the 60 day extended reporting period after the policy expires for coverage to be triggered.

If you do have a loss to report, please contact our Client Relations Department and ask for a Notice of Claim/Occurrence Form.  The completed form should be sent to